Say Hello to Curtis

Stunning online collections and archives

Everything you need to publish and manage your collections online.

Online Collections

Create an absolutely stunning, beautiful collections website with powerful search, custom layouts and support for a wide range of content types. Curtis will inspire your users to dive deep into your collections.

Digital Object Repository

At its core Curtis is a powerful Digital Object Repository that can store any type of content from simple images to full books. Driving the repository is a powerful API that can be use to drive anything from websites to mobile apps and kiosks. You are only limited by your imagination.

Community Focus

Our community features let your users fully engage in the content. From commenting and tagging to a full community repository with file uploads and article writing, Curtis has you covered.

Getting started with Curtis.

Getting started with Curtis is simple. Get in touch with our team and we can get you up and running with your own site. No software to install, no IT team needed.


Configure metadata, storage, themes and publishing options.


Push content into Curtis using our API, manual uploads or bulk import.


Pubish your collection online, via an API or syndication feed.


Reuse your content across multiple platforms. Mobile apps, kiosks, websites, aggregators, smart TV’s and more.