Online Collections


Powerful text and faceted based search interface allows users to find content easily.

Custom Layouts

Every content type has its own layout, making your collection shine.

Responsive Design

All layouts are built from the ground up to responsive to look great on all platforms, desktop or mobile.

Multimedia Support

Support for a wide variety of content types all using standards based players. Images, audio, video, and animation are all supported.

Sharing Tools

Users can share content items to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, email, embedded images and citation links.

Download Options

Allow users to download high resolution copies of images. Limit access depending on the license. For example allow high-res downloads of CC licensed and out of copyright works and restrict access to in copyright items.

Search Engine Friendly

Every content item has its own, clean, URL allowing sharing of links without the worry of the page disappearing and for better indexing by search engines. Pages are also marked up using to allow search engines to infer deeper meaning.

Standards Based

All pages are marked up in HTML 5 using the latest standards. Content items are also marked up to provide rich markup for social networks and search engines.

Digital Object Repository

Store Any Content Type

Store any content type, big or small. We support images, text, audio, video, albums, books, animations. You name it, we can support it. Complex items such as books are processed and stored at the individual page level and the book level to allow fine grained content discovery.

Access Control

Items can be marked as published or unpublished to limit who can see each item. Licenses can be assigned to limit what resolutions get published online. Metadata fields can be limited to staff only or public access.

API’s and Web Services

A powerful REST based API allows powerful searching, reading, and writing of data. Limit access to the API based on API keys that you can distribute to users.

Web Harvesting

Support for Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) allows the repository to be harvested by aggregators such as DigitalNZ, Trove, Europeana, and the DPLA.

Use our storage or BYO

If you need to store 800MB TIFF’s then that’s no problem. Our cloud based storage can scale to any size. Prefer to host your source files yourself? That’s no problem, we’ll happily store the derivatives and leave the masters to you. We can also store everything on your own Amazon s3 buckets if you prefer.


All content is backed up to to Amazon Glacier in case of data loss. Optionally you can backup to another cloud provider. All metadata is stored as text to allow full restore or migration to any system.

Data Import

Import your data using our API or bulk upload content via the web, Dropbox or Google Drive. If you need assistance then lets us help, we have had years of experience in data cleaning and migration.

Media Transcoding

You can throw any type of content at us and we will make sure it is delivered to users in the appropriate format. We transcode 800MB TIFF files to JPG’s at all sizes and provide Deep Zoom images. We will convert all audio and video to web based formats for streaming and download.

Community Features

Favourites & Sets

Users can favourite items and create sets of items. They can share these items on their profile page and on social media.

Compose Articles

Make your collections come alive with articles. Our powerful article builder allows you to write about groups of objects and link them together to infer meaning. Articles are then treated just like other content items and stored in the repository.

Commenting & Tagging

Allows users to comment and tag any content item. Moderate comments and check for spam using industry standard tools.

Meta Data Editing

Users can suggest updates to metadata fields. Power users can be giving the permission to edit certain fields.